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How Does Wireless Communication Work?

Have you ever wondered how your friend who lives thousands of miles away can send you a text message in an instant? Here’s a simple explanation of how wireless communication works and what elements are responsible for making it happen.

Wireless communication relies on radio frequency, the segment of the electromagnetic spectrum where radio wave propagation becomes possible. Radio wave propagation, in turn, is essential for creating a platform that allows data to be sent or received. Certain elements of a wireless infrastructure, such as the base station, are needed in any wireless infrastructure to enable data transfer or exchange.

A base station such as a cell tower transmits signals that bring the data from the source to the designated recipient. Without any solid objects to obstruct data transmission, it only takes a few moments for a text message to be sent and received. Base stations can be put up at key locations wireless carriers have identified as suitable cell phone tower sites.

Mobile service providers consider several factors when choosing a prospective cell phone tower site. For instance, they typically have to determine whether the population density and overall service demand in a certain area warrant the construction of additional cell phone towers. Additionally, any prospective location must be located at least a mile away from the nearest tower.


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