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Factors that Affect Cell Tower Lease Rates

Cell tower leases are some of the most lucrative deals for property owners. Since many of the ideal cell tower locations happen to be found in private properties, mobile network operators (MNOs) typically enter into long-term lease deals and pay landowners recurring fees in exchange for the right to set up cell towers or cell sites. Some landowners market their properties proactively to attract the attention of MNOs and cell tower brokers, and thereby convert their parcels into income-generating properties.


Cell Tower Leases: An Overview

Demand for cellular services remains high. In the U.S. alone, about 91% of adult Americans reportedly own cell phones and smart phones. As mobile subscribers clamor for faster and better voice and data services, wireless carriers must in turn respond by building more cellular sites or towers, particularly in highly populated areas. This ensures that cellular signals remain strong and reliable.


Towering Over: How Landowners Can Maximize Cell Tower Lease Provisions

While a helpful cell tower lease will strengthen the coverage of telecommunication companies based in the area, it might not always be easy for the landowner. It’s a sticky business to be managing cell tower assets and ensuring that the telecom companies are upholding their end of the bargain. Landowners who have difficulty keeping up with handling the towers or feel as if they’re not getting enough from the arrangement should consider selling their cell tower lease to cell tower investment firms like TowerPoint Capital. The company can buy the lease or help landowners enter into an exclusive marketing program to generate higher earnings in the future.

Tower leases just can’t be drafted on the fly. The terms that make up the arrangement need to be carefully worked out so the landowner doesn’t end up on the losing end of the deal, ensuring that he or she gets a fair and maximized cell phone tower lease.



Cell Tower Firms: How to Catch Their Attention

Leasing out your land as a cell site can yield a huge profit. After all, mobile network operators (MNOs) may be in search of available land in your area where they can set up additional cell sites and thereby provide better wireless coverage for their customers. Due to the profit potential of such a venture, many landowners are interested in marketing their properties as potential cell sites.


All Towered Up: On Resolving Fair and Agreeable Cell Tower Leases

Those landowners who have leased their properties for cell towers have every right to negotiate for better prices. Yet it’s a tricky business to be leasing land for tower use, and even with a general compromise in place, it doesn’t guarantee that the tower will generate enough revenue. Those looking to make lucrative cell tower leases should fully consider all their options before committing.

Fortunately, there are cell tower investment companies such as TowerPoint Capital that can help landowners earn more from their leased properties. If lease owners are not receiving enough from cell site rent payments, they can partner with investment companies to get the full value of their leases or market their properties through a focused marketing program.



Lucrative Deals Await Landowners as Telecom Firm Adds Cell Tower Sites

AT&T has requested special permits for new 150-foot towers—in addition to its current 20 cell sites—that will serve users in the area in coming years. Private landowners can do their part by leasing their land for the structures. There are cell site investment firms that conduct site valuation to determine the potential or value of a certain property for such deals.

Meanwhile, owners of cell tower sites can also benefit from a cellular tower lease buyout by cell tower investment companies like TowerPoint Capital. In a lease purchase program, land or rooftop space owners who have existing wireless tower leases can exchange their lease contracts for a lump-sum payment.



Cell Site Tower Radiation Myths Debunked

Cell sites come in various forms. These include water tanks, smoke stacks, grain silos, rooftops, and other tall structures where antennas and electric communication equipment can be perched. Essentially, cell sites send out radio waves that enable the use of call phones.


How Property Owners Can Enjoy Profit from Cell Tower Lease Agreements

With mobile carriers expanding their service, more cell towers are needed to provide better network coverage. Big as they are though, these carriers still often have to lease cell tower locations from landlords instead of owning the property outright.

Landowners, on the other hand, are mostly unaware of just how huge the financial potential could be from converting their land into a cell site. By dealing with trusted cell tower companies like TowerPoint, whether you choose a lease buyout or a marketing partnership, property owners can maximize the profit from establishing a cell tower on their site. The investing company will be the one working out the legalities, thereby freeing up time for the property owner. If the seller wants to sell their site, they can turn their attention to other entrepreneurial opportunities, or pay off debt using the lump sum paid by the investing company.



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