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3 Benefits of Selling One’s Cell Tower Leasing

As a landowner who leases his or her land for a cell tower, you might receive an offer to sell the lease at some point. Perhaps you are deliberating within yourself whether or not you should sell, and why.

Your reluctance to sell is reasonable for a variety of reasons. An active lease provides a constant trickle of income. Additionally, selling your lease to someone or a company can be a daunting task that you might be unprepared for.

Should you overcome your indecision, selling your cell tower leasing can result in a number of benefits for you. Here are three of them:


Although you receive lease payments every month, you won’t be able to tap into that as a long-term revenue stream. Selling your cell site lease can grant you large amounts of capital to invest in other long-term ventures.

Risk Reduction

Not only does selling your cell site lease give you capital, but also it reduces your risk against inflation or an early termination of the lease. Additionally, you minimize the risk of owning a devalued lease when the cell tower becomes obsolete.

Tax Treatment

While it depends on the situation, selling your cell tower lease can also grant you a favorable tax treatment. What this means is that you can defer taxes through a “1031 exchange” if you purchase another property following the lease’s sale.

To ensure that you get the most out of selling your lease, always seek advice from an experienced professional.

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